B&B Best Lines Tuesday 2/26/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 2/26/13


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Bill: So, you just brought me the best news I've had since Katie came. And you were there for that, too. You're popping up in my life quite a bit lately, aren't you, Taylor?

Taylor: I guess. Get used to it. We're grandparents now.

Bill: Yeah. I'm sure you'll have a lot of opinions.

Taylor: And I'll have no problem sharing them.

Bill: Some things never change.

Taylor: Look who's talking, Mr. Control Freak.

Bill: But, you see, that's what's great about grandkids. No matter how much you try, there's only so much control you can exert if you're not mom or dad.

Taylor: I'm just still so blown away by this whole thing, and I've known for a while. I can't believe it -- my baby is having a baby with the man she adores.

Bill: And they'll be raising it together -- make it all the sweeter.

Taylor: It was a close call. Brooke almost had Liam roped and tied. She went and got that priest all the way from Italy and flew him in. She barged into Forrester and got the staff there to put together this -- this whole wedding without Liam knowing. And they went out to his house, and she re-created Italy. It was crazy. I couldn't even believe it. I don't even think Hope had any idea what was going on.

Bill: Poor kid. Blindsided twice in one day.

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