B&B Best Lines Wednesday 2/20/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 2/20/13


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Father Fontana: Last we met, an entire town witnessed your vows, and today you only speak to one another. But since I've come all the way from Italy, I trust you'll indulge me. I remember quoting your saying, "If at first you don't succeed, then you must try, try again." Hmm? Well, you've done that more than most. Your love has been tested. This time a bit unorthodox, Brooke, to say the least, but I would not be here if I didn't trust in my heart that you're meant to be husband and wife. You know what I also remember from our last gathering? Your vows to one another -- to have and to hold, all the usual commitments, but also that attention for the everyday aspects of your life. You, Hope, said you were going to check the surf report every day, so that Liam could hang ten on those monster waves down below. Yes? And you, Liam, you said you were going to let Hope take over the house with all of her lotions and potions, which I'm sure she did. Yes, laugh. Laugh. It's good to laugh. It is vital to a relationship. Yes. It's so important. As it is to care for the little things. The day-in, day-out little acts of kindness and consideration that you mentioned in your vows. You see, that -- that just tells me that you're ready. You're ready to make this next step, on to your exciting life together.

Brooke: I'm so proud of you both -- finding your way back to each other. For some couples, that's impossible. But not for you.

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