B&B Best Lines Monday 12/10/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 12/10/12


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Bill: I sent him on a business trip to give you and your boyfriend a chance to cool off. You got yourselves all worked up about doing the right thing. Well, the right thing has already happened. Liam is with Steffy. They are crazy about each other. Give them a chance to make a go of it.

Caroline: Oh. Like Liam and Hope ever got a chance.

Bill: They've had more chances than I have cars, and I have a lot of cars.

Caroline: He still loves her, Uncle Bill, and she still loves him. Things haven't changed. Those feelings just don't go away.

Bill: They will. Just give it time.

Caroline: And what if you're wrong? Don't you want Liam to be happy?

Bill: He is happy. He's happier than he's been in months. Now you want to screw with that, send his life back into chaos? I mean, you're just so eager to rush in here and spill your guts that you talk to the back of a chair 'cause you assume Liam's sitting in it. That is reckless, Caroline, and I don't like reckless.

Caroline: Liam deserves to know the truth, and Hope, too. This could change everything for them if Hope knew that Rick told Othello to lie to her and that nothing happened between Liam and Steffy. I haven't told her yet. But that doesn't mean that I won't.

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