B&B Best Lines Tuesday 12/4/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 12/4/12


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Rick: Yeah, something that I did to Hope and Liam. And thanks to your lovely niece, I've decided to come clean with it.

Bill: Enlighten me.

Rick: Let me give it to you straight. I don't like your son. I don't think that he's good enough for Hope.

Bill: Well, let me give it to you straight. I don't like you. And as far as Hope is concerned, she isn't good enough for my son, so you have that backwards. As far as them being a couple, we agree on that, so no argument from me.

Rick: Spoken like a true father. At least we agree on that. But when your son came running into my father's house on the day of his wedding wearing, what, underwear and tattoos, that was the tipping point for me. So I did something as outrageous as you did. I called up my friend Othello, and I asked him to lie about what happened at that bar that night. I told him to lie and say that he saw Steffy and Liam making out. Obviously, that didn't happen. That was a fabrication. But that, and along with what you did, is the reason why Hope and Liam aren't married today-- because of my lie and your deception.

Bill: And what's your part in this?

Caroline: I convinced Rick to tell the truth.

Bill: Did you? Well, that's not gonna happen. No way.

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