B&B Best Lines Friday 10/5/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 10/5/12


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Donna: Would you like some water, Eric?

Eric: Yes, thanks.

Pam: He prefers sparkling.

Donna: He likes flat. I would know. I was married to him.

Pam: What would you know about flat?

Thomas: That was all an act, wasn't it, you convincing yourself that I'm a good enough guy to push onto Hope, so you could go after Caroline. Come on, you know it's true.

Rick: I'll never like you. I like what you do for Hope, how--how you treat her the way that Liam can't. That has nothing to do with my feelings for Caroline, not to say that I'm not better off for her than you, because I am-- better for Caroline and better suited to this company.

Thomas: You think that you are entitled to everything you want because you're Eric Forrester, Jr. Well, maybe if you got up and did something with your life instead of relying on your name, people would actually take you seriously.

Rick: What? Are you delusional? I've done more for this company than you ever will. I ran international. What have you done-- a few drawings, spent some weeks down at the loading dock?

Thomas: I am sick and tired of your whining, Rick. You're not running Forrester Creations ever. You're not getting Caroline, either. So just back off, you understand, Shorty?

Rick: Yeah, buddy, oh, I understand perfectly. Your daddy handed you a position that you didn't deserve, that you didn't earn.

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