B&B Best Lines Thursday 10/4/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 10/4/12


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Rick: I hope you like surprises.

Caroline: Depends. You're not gonna have, like, a singing gorilla jump out at me or something?

Rick: No, but I'll make a note for next time.

Caroline: What are you up to now?

Rick: You need to take a seat right here.

Caroline: Those are my designs.

Rick: So what do you think?

Caroline: They're fabulous. But how? Ridge didn't approve them for production.

Rick: Ridge isn't here. I green-lighted them. Your designs shouldn't be sitting on some queue waiting for Ridge to get around to them. You're a talent. They should be out there, and personally, I want to make that happen for you.

Caroline: Incredible. Thank you.

Rick: Well, I'm not completely selfless. Look, it's gonna reflect well on me. I'll get the credit for discovering you, a visionary who saw what everybody else at Forrester missed. Hey, ladies, can you do another twirl for me? Isn't it beautiful how the dress flows with her movement? I mean, it's--it's graceful, yet elegant and sexy and flirty. I'd follow that dress anywhere.

Rick: That's right, we're putting it on the front burner. So get it to me pronto. I want to make a move on this. What?

Caroline: You're so comfortable with yourself. You know, even when you were parading around in those heels, you were just so at ease. You know, I guess that's what made Amber's little lie so believable.

Rick: Yeah, when Hope showed me those photo-shopped pictures of me in a dress, I...

Caroline: It takes a unique mind to come up with that scheme.

Rick: Yeah, well, that's-- that's Amber. You know, now that I think about it, it's--you know, it's pretty funny.

Caroline: When I walked in on you and saw you strutting on the runway--

Rick: I know, I know. It must have looked really bizarre to you. I mean, the--the model, she couldn't walk. I was just trying to teach her how.

Caroline: Most men wouldn't even know how.

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