B&B Best Lines Monday 9/17/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 9/17/12


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Bill: I like the way you handled the troops.

Liam: Yeah? I basically yelled at them and told them their work was crap.

Bill: You can't argue with success, Liam. They filed out of here knowing who's the boss. That's how you handle employees. They are not your colleagues or your friends. They’re... paid minions. Remember that and you'll go far.

Liam: Minions. Nice.

Bill: You don't get ahead in business by being nice. Everybody doesn't have to love you, but they do have to respect you. And you have to be competitive. Now you want to--you want to play nice as a means to achieving a desired result? Great. But clichés exist for a reason, Son. And nice guys really do finish last.

Liam: Yeah, I'm starting to get that.

Bill: Hallelujah. Not a moment too soon.

Liam: Well, I certainly didn't get too far being nice with Hope, did I?

Bill: Forget about Hope. She was a learning experience. You can thank her later when you're running Spencer Publications, and you're successful beyond your wildest dreams, living large, the way you were destined, like a true Spencer. Are you feeling me, player?

Liam: Funny thing-- I think I am.

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