B&B Best Lines Wednesday 9/5/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 9/5/12


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Liam: I can't believe this. I mean, she just moved out last night! And now she's--she's-- she's kissing other people? I mean..

Bill: For God sake, Liam, snap out of it. You can't keep letting this girl make an ass out of you!

Liam: Just leave me alone, okay?

Bill: So you can, what, brood? Mope around over a girl who blatantly disrespects you in private and public? What do you call what we just saw? How do you defend that? I mean, Hope calls a press conference-- oh, of course, that's nothing new. I mean, every time she breaks a nail, she does that-- to announce that she is done with you. Then she lets her brother disrespect him, call him "unworthy." And then to top it off, she plays "tonsil tag" with another guy for the cameras. When is enough "enough" for you? You're gonna go pleading to Hope again? Make a mockery of yourself like you did in front of all the Forresters at the luncheon from hell? Are you gonna go bellow her name? Plead for her to marry you?

Liam: Drop it, Dad.

Bill: Do you even realize how you humiliate yourself for this girl?

Liam: God, do you even realize how little I give a damn?! I'm going, okay? I'm going, and you're not stopping me.

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