B&B Best Lines Tuesday 9/4/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 9/4/12


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Bill: So is this how it's gonna be around here, you moping around like somebody kicked your puppy?

Liam: The woman I'm supposed to marry packed her things and left our house last night. I'm sorry I'm not jovial enough for you.

Bill: Son, a blind man could see this coming.

Katie: (Sighs)

Bill: Same song, second verse. You hit a little speed bump. Hope exits the vehicle and starts walking.

Katie: Speed bump-- is that what we're calling Steffy these days?

Rick: Then it's time to act, Thomas. It's time to show hope what it's like to be with someone who puts her first-- her needs-- and what you could you give her.

Thomas: I'm having a hard time adjusting to you being so supportive. It doesn't exactly track with our past relationship.

Rick: Well, you're the lesser of two evils.

Thomas: Okay, well, that's an answer I can believe.

Stephanie: Ridge looks like he swallowed a prairie dog; guess he must be surprised. Did Rick tell you?

Eric: No he didn't.

Pam: Danica, may I tempt you with a lemon bar?

Danica: (Gasps) Oh, thank you so much.

Donna: Oh, Pammy, Pammy, enough with the lemon bars. (Chuckles) We're done here. Bye-bye. Thank you for coming.

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