B&B Best Lines Tuesday 7/31/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 7/31/12


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Lt. Baker: Do you know how many texts your husband sent and received that day? 157. Now that's way beyond just bein' on the grid. Now I've got a hunch, a strong hunch, that more than one of them was sent from behind the wheel. Oh, what? That's just normal for you? 157 texts?

Dayzee: It was the day before our wedding. He had a million things to take care of.

Lt. Baker: I'm talking to the groom.

Justin: Pardon me. My son does not have to answer your questions, and as his attorney, I am advising him not to.

Marcus: If you're making the point that my texting was out of control, then--

Lt. Baker: Hey, I figured you'd recognize that when you slammed into an innocent pedestrian.

Justin: Lieutenant, I'm asking if you can leave us alone. I would like to confer with my client.

Lt. Baker: You and your rich, powerful friends. What happened? Couldn't use all that Spencer/Forrester influence to get an immediate bond oh, your family will show up in the morning to take you home, take you back to that nice cozy lifestyle. Enjoy it while you can. I'll see you in court.

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