B&B Best Lines Thursday 6/21/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 6/21/12


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Hope: Well, I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But listen, you-- you will not believe what I went through.

Liam: I'm sorry. What are you--what are you-- what is this? What are you doing? Why are you wearing that?

Hope: My... my wedding gown? because it's my wedding day.

Liam: Hope, there is no wedding. I was at the church, and I waited for you, and I waited for you, and I thought maybe something was wrong, and like an idiot, I came all the way back here, and you're just gonna pretend like nothing ever happened. Really?

Hope: I'm--I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, but--but, Liam, you will not believe--

Liam: Yeah, I believe it. You stood me up, Hope. You walked out on me on our wedding day.

Hope: Whoa, what? What--what--what--Liam, what are you talking about? No, I didn't.

Liam: What am I talking about? "I love you, but I can't do this. I'm sorry. Good-bye." That's fine. That's--you know what? You gotta go? You gotta go. Do whatever you want to do, but I'm done. I am so over this, and there's nothing you can say--

Hope: Whoa, Liam, Liam, I did not write this. Liam, I didn't write this. This is not for you. It's for me. It's from my dad. Liam, he was here. He was here. He came to se me on my wedding day. That's why I was late. I was all ready to go, and then there was a knock at the door, and I thought it was the limo driver, but when I opened it--

Liam: Deacon?

Hope: Yeah. oh, Liam, I-I did not stand you up at the altar. I did not walk away from you. I would never do that. Oh, my God. You poor thing, thinking that I-I totally walked out on you and--and left you all alone. Oh, Liam, this is our wedding day. We are getting married. Nothing has changed.

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