B&B Best Lines Wednesday 6/20/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 6/20/12


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Katie: I'm serious, Marcus. You are not leaving this office until you tell me what Bill is up to.

Marcus: Well, how would I know anything? Bill doesn't confide in me.

Katie: You used the word "Sabotage" with Dayzee. Why don't we start there?

Marcus: Oh, come on, Katie, you know those two. Bill and Pop are probably just talking trash.

Katie: Tell me what you heard.

Marcus: Well, I-I don't--I don't know what I heard. I mean, Pop accidentally called me. Uh, you know, Bill was on the plane. It--it--the conversation was muffled. I don't even believe what I heard anymore.

Katie: Is the word "Sabotage" something you're clear on, Marcus?

Marcus: Yeah. I think it is. Marcus, you are a terrible liar. It is painfully obvious that you are not telling me everything. Look, I'm not asking you to divulge top secret business information. This is my niece. If Hope is about to be sabotaged in any way, I have a right to know.

Marcus: Exactly. See, that's it. Hope is your niece, and she's my cousin-- family. Now whether Bill is thrilled about that or not, I can't imagine that he'll do anything to really hurt her.

Katie: Surely you can't be that naive. We both know how much Bill does not want Hope to marry Liam. Sabotaging her wedding is the least of what he might do. You know what? Forget it. You have divided loyalties. I understand that. I will get my information from the source.

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