B&B Best Lines Friday 5/11/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 5/11/12


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Brooke: Yes. Yes, she did something. She's manipulating the situation. What, did she bring up the pills that Hope was taking? Or what about her knee? Is she using her knee to get sympathy from Liam? Is that it? Stephanie, Liam would not tear up those annulment papers for no reason.

Stephanie: Well, he tore them up, and Steffy had nothing to do with it.

Brooke: I don't believe you.

Stephanie: Well, I can't help it if you don't believe me. She signed the papers. She gave him his chance to be with Hope, and he tore the papers up, and on top of it, he kissed her.

Brooke: No. No! No.

Stephanie: I think there's a really good chance this marriage is going to hold. I know you don't want to hear that. Brooke, Steffy is no shrinking violet. She is determined not to let Hope do to her what you did to her mother. She watched that fiasco through her whole adolescence, okay? She's not gonna let it happen. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe all these events and--and the time that has passed these few weeks-- well, maybe--maybe Liam's had a really good chance to see Hope for exactly who she is-- a very vulnerable and unstable young girl with a lot of really big emotional problems. Come on, she's a product of you and Deacon. And she's just as messed up at this moment in her life as you were when you were her age.

Brooke: How dare you, Stephanie. How dare you?

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