B&B Best Lines Thursday 5/3/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 5/3/12


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Hope: Do what you want with the pills, Liam. I am done. Obviously, nothing like what I did to Steffy can ever happen again. Just tell me that you forgive me.

Liam: Okay. Um, there's a-- there's a conversation, Hope, that we need to have, and I really... I really don't want to have the high school version of it. I love you. Of course, I forgive you. But that's not really the point, is it? You know, it's trust. I mean, the... the way you've been acting lately, you've been acting like this-- this--this fragile, insecure, unstable little girl that my dad keeps calling you. And don't make him right. Don't make me wrong about you. And yeah, our lives have been stressful lately. But if you can't handle some annoyance by the press, then what's it gonna be like when you're Mrs. William Spencer III? Am I gonna be coming home to find you self-medicated? I mean, is that the married life that we have to look forward to? And what about when you're a mom and the stress that comes with that? How you gonna handle that? I mean, death, illness, tragedy happen, Hope. And if you can't cope with them, how am I supposed to marry you?

Hope: Liam... I will never use drugs to solve my problems ever again.

Liam: That's good. What about confidence, huh? What about--what about poise? What about all the things that I know you have in you? What happened? When did it become impossible for you to tolerate the negative opinions of strangers? In my--I watched my mom die of cancer, you know? And she could have just zoned out on morphine the entire time. I mean, hospice made it so she could dose herself as much as she wanted, but she didn't, because those last few days were so important to her. And what we shared because of her bravery... that's mine. I get to keep that forever.

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