B&B Best Lines Wednesday 4/11/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 4/11/12


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Amber: Like I said, your secret is safe with me. You--you don't think it was the pills, though.

Hope: You know, my doctor said that it was fine if took them when I'm feeling anxious or... you know, when I need to get myself under control. And they really have helped me a lot. I mean, look at what happened at the pool today. It just shows how much stress I'm under. My fans are... calling me a hypocrite and an adulteress. I am being chased by paparazzi everywhere I go. My face is on the cover of every tabloid. And I am plastered all over the internet.

Amber: Hey, no such thing as bad publicity, huh? That's my mantra. I live by it.

Hope: It's kind of the kiss of death when you're someone like me. I'm supposed to be a role model. There are so many young women who are looking up to me, who are looking up to hope for the future, which isn't, you know, it's--it isn't just a fashion line. It isn't just about clothes. It is a lifestyle-- a lifestyle that I am... no longer living. The damage is done, you know? My fans are turning their backs on me and, if I were them, I would do exactly the same thing.

Amber: Hey. You know what? You got one fan still in your corner, hmm?

Hope: I'm just really disappointed in myself. I didn't stay true to my word, and I've been with a married man.

Amber: No, it's Liam, okay? That doesn't count.

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