B&B Best Lines Wednesday 4/4/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 4/4/12


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Brooke: Caroline, would you like something to drink? Champagne maybe?

Caroline: Oh, sure.

Brooke: Great. I'll get Rick to get you a glass.

Hope: (Chuckles) Sorry about that. My mom isn't always such a, umó

Caroline: Matchmaker?

Hope: Yes, that. (Laughs)

Caroline: It's okay. Rick's cute. I don't mind. Now that your life is so perfect, I'm sure she just wants something for your brother.

Hope: Right. Perfect... (Chuckles) Yeah.

Caroline: Oh, I'm so sorry. I know that you've had your share of troubles lately.

Hope: Yeah, being called a "fraud" and a "hypocrite." Yeah, it's kind of a crazy time in my life. (Chuckles) It's nice to make a new friend, though.

Brooke: Is there anything else anybody would like to add?

Amber: I do! (Laughs) On behalf of me and my daughter Rosey Forrester, I would like to welcome you to Los Angeles. (Chuckles)

Rick: Amber, this is not--not--not a good time.

Amber: What? (Chuckles) You know, Brooke's right. You'd be an amazing fit here at Forrester. And it's a-- it's a very special place to work at. It really is, you know, if you decide to stay. As I am, uh, working with Rick, I'm sure there's plenty of room for all of us. Of course, um, you got a lot to learn. I mean, come on, let's face it-- you're new. (Chuckles) You're inexperienced, but don't be afraid or get intimidated, you know, just 'cause you see what great designs Eric has or you know, I don't know, what an amazing team... (Chuckles) Rick and I make together. We've all been at this a really long time, and we've shared a-- a-a lot of our lives together. But you'll get there, you know? It just takes a little, you know, time and experience. And Rick and I, we would be more than happy to let you learn from us. So cheers, hmm? (Sighs) Mm.

Brooke: Amber's been watching us like a hawk.

Rick: Oh, please.

Brooke: You don't see it?

Rick: What?

Brooke: You didn't hear how she was pretending that you two were a couple? She was pretending, wasn't she?

Rick: I like Amber, but we're not in a relationship, if that's what you're wondering.

Brooke: Well, maybe you should tell her that.

Rick: Well, maybe I want to keep my options open with Amber.

Brooke: Oh, Rick, please, don't scare me. Caroline is an extraordinary young lady. She's beautiful. She's poised. She's elegant. And maybe you won't end up with her, but maybe somebody like her. Not Amber. Look at her over there with Marcus, manipulating something, I'm sure. She had to use her baby to get in here today. Is that what you want? A life full of lies and deceit?

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