B&B Best Lines Friday 3/9/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 3/9/12


Provided By Barbara

(Computer keys clicking)


Bill: What are you doing here?


Liam: It's my office. What are you doing here?


Bill: It's my building.


Liam: Touché.


Bill: I was dropping this off on your desk, which I didn't expect to see you sitting at, because I thought you would be off at the beach house in conjugal bliss with the fair maiden who has stolen your heart, who would no longer be a fair maiden.


Liam: Anybody ever tell you, you talk like you expect to be quoted?


Bill: You know, I'm told that I'm not the most sensitive guy in the world, but, uh, I am sensitive enough to see that you are... less than overjoyed.

Stephanie: (Chuckles) Why don't we just celebrate our divorces? There are more of them.




(Door opens)


Gladys: (Sighs)


Stephanie: Oh God.


Gladys: So here's your new marriage license. (Laughs) All you gotta do is sign. You're wearing that?!


Stephanie: Well, please. (Scoffs)


Eric: Gladys, I'm afraid we're not ready.


Gladys: Who are you kidding? What are you waiting for? We are gathered here today to unite in marriage the loving hearts of "Queenie" and, uh... what was your name again?


Eric: Gladys, please.


Gladys: How much time do you two think you have to think things over?


Eric: Gladys, I'm afraid that, uh, Stephanie's not really that enthusiastic about being married to me again.


Gladys: Well, I need the money. Come on, Queenie.

Gladys: Come on, Queenie. You're not one to be living in sin. Do you, Eric, take this woman, and if not, will you feed her anyway?


Stephanie: (Laughing) Oh, my God, this is like a French farce! Oh, how do answer this?


Eric: No, it's not. It's not a farce.


Stephanie: You are not taking her or this seriously.


Eric: Oh, come-- you know, you and I have had very, very serious weddings in the past with all the trimmings.


Stephanie: (Sighs)


Eric: I don't care about that. What I care about now is that you, and I have come to a very serious place in our lives...


Stephanie: (Scoffs)


Eric: And you don't want to cross that threshold with me.


Stephanie: No, you just want to have a big fat-numbered wedding anniversary.

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