B&B Best Lines Thursday 3/8/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 3/8/12


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Brooke: (Gasps) (Sighs) Oh, my God. Your parents' wedding anniversary.


Ridge: Logan, what about it?


Brooke: It's almost here, and I haven't done a thing.


Ridge: (Chuckles) Oh, for God sakes.


Brooke: (Sighs)


Ridge: It's gonna be a big one, too.


Brooke: (Sighs) I always get confused. Is it--is it gold? Is--is it silver? Is it diamonds? China? What is it?


Ridge: It's broken china...


Brooke: (Sighs)


Ridge: Thrown at high velocity, okay?


Brooke: Mm. And do you start from the first day that they got married, or do you count all the other marriages? I don't--I don't know.


Ridge: They may not even want to celebrate a wedding anniversary.


Brooke: Why not?


Ridge: Well, for one thing, they haven't actually had a wedding.


Brooke: Do you think they even realize they're not married?

Eric: Uh, it seems... (Stammers) There must be some mistake, okay?


Gladys: You called our office.


Eric: I-I don't think it was you I spoke to.


Gladys: No, no, no, no. That would have been Alfonso.


Eric: Uh-huh.


Gladys: Now I'll come and check on the houseplants as soon as I finish the weeding and the fertilizing.

Eric: Yeah. (Chuckles) That woman is old enough to be my grandmother.


Stephanie: Don't be so mean.


Eric: No, it-- well, you didn't even see her.


Stephanie: Shh! She might hear you. You never know.


Eric: Now why can't you take my word for something for once in your life?


Stephanie: (Chuckles) Honey, whenever I take your word for something, all I end up is in big trouble.


Eric: (Clears throat) What are you talking about?


Stephanie: That's another reason why I'm never gonna marry you--again.

Brooke: I-I can't believe your mother, of all people, is living in sin.


Ridge: Oh, don't think there's a lot of sin going on over there... unlike us.


Brooke: I don't think people even realize we're not married, either. (Giggles)


Ridge: Can you blame them? How many times going down the aisle have we had?


Brooke: We should say "no gifts" on our next invitation.


Ridge: Yeah. Now Hope's living with a married man. We really are a bunch of degenerates.


Brooke: Ahh. (Gasps) I know what we can do-- besides the anniversary party.


Ridge: No, we are not having a double wedding with my parents. No way.


Brooke: Oh, come on.


Ridge: No! No, no. Nope.

(Door opens)

Gladys: I should report you to plant protective services. These rosebushes should have been pruned.


Stephanie: You?


Gladys: You?!


Stephanie: Gladys Pope?


Gladys: Queen Stephanie!


Stephanie: What are you doing here?


Gladys: (Chuckles) Who does your hair?

Stephanie: Landscaping? This is Sally's old hairdresser.


Gladys: These are difficult times. A girl has to diversify.


Eric: You what?


Stephanie: You remember all the cockamamie schemes those two would cook up?


Eric: Of course, I do. What?


Stephanie: Oh.


Eric: "Gladys Creative Artists."


Gladys: Why should I be the only person in Los Angeles who never tried acting?


Stephanie: How's that working for you?


Gladys: Well, decent parts for women over 90 have dried up in this town.


Stephanie: Mm-hmm.


Eric: Yeah. "Gladys' Wedding Officiants. Does that mean that you can, uh, legally marry people?


Gladys: Does somebody in this house need a ball and chain? Haven't you been married since the beginning of time?

Stephanie: No, no, well, we're not married. We're just... shacking up.

Eric: We could actually just wrap this whole thing up right now.


Stephanie: I think that's your most romantic proposal.


Eric: You know, I could get down on one knee.


Stephanie: Mm-hmm.


Eric: You just have to promise to help me up when it's over.


Stephanie: (Laughs)


Gladys: If you both end up on the floor, I'll water you and just hope for the best.


Stephanie: She's not going to be our gardener.


Gladys: (Chuckles) Fine with me. But what about the wedding?


Eric: Well, you know, Gladys, neither one of us is really prepared to get married today.


Gladys: Prepared? What are you saving yourselves for?


Eric: But we don' even have a marriage license.


Gladys: I can print one out for you in the truck. All I need is your photo I.D. and 30 bucks. (Laughs)

Eric: We could really, um, uh, tie up all these loose ends quite legally right here.


Stephanie: Not with that lunatic.


Eric: (Chuckles) Oh, come on.


Stephanie: (Sighs)


Eric: There are crazier people than Gladys marrying people all over the world these days, right?


Stephanie: And you know every one of them.

Stephanie: Well, honey, we do now. Come on. You know what it is? (Inhales deeply) You just don't want to be... (Sighs) Old and alone. I don't care.


Eric: Well, I don't. You're right, I don't.


Stephanie: See? That's what I mean. If there's anybody that is ill-equipped... (Laughs) to be old and alone it's you. And it's not really that you-- you don't really need a lot of other people. It's just-- I think it's just that you want to have the sound of somebody rattling around in the den. I mean, come on. Isn't that what you're asking me? Hmm? To be the sound of somebody rattling around next door?


Eric: Here's what I know-- when a man asks a woman to marry him, it's the most outrageous request there is in the word, because he doesn't know what he's getting-- the future, the very definition of the unknown. You know what I want from you? I want your, uh, criticism.


Stephanie: Oh.


Eric: Yeah. (Chuckles) And your, uh, derisiveness.

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