B&B Best Lines Monday 3/5/12

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 3/5/12


Provided By Barbara

Taylor: Seriously? Tonight?


Stephanie: That's what Brooke said.


Taylor: Am I the only one that finds this just a little bit disturbing that she even knows in the first place? And then to be going around bragging about it-- my gosh, I mean, that's kind of a private thing to be talking about. It's Hope's decision. And then to tell Steffy... (Sighs)


Stephanie: Well, uh, to be-- to be very fair about this, I think that, uh, Steffy found out from Hope.

Bill: There's a good chance it won't happen.


Katie: Hope's already made up her mind.


Bill: That's the problem-- she's thinking too much. Where's the excitement? Where's the passion?


Katie: It will be there.


Bill: You think so?


Katie: Yeah.


Bill: I haven't seen that kind of emotion from her. Have you?


Katie: I'm not her fiancÚ. Neither are you.


Bill: Well, Liam hasn't seen it, either, and he ain't gonna see it tonight, because Hope isn't the kind of girl who can let herself go.

Bill: Girl's been neck-deep in chaos since the day she was born. I mean, can you imagine having that Deacon Sharpe for a father? And, from what you told me, he's a piece of work.


Katie: He hasn't been in her life for a very long time.


Bill: Well, he's still her father, biologically.


Katie: She's nothing like him.


Bill: Because she's done everything in her power not to be- the Hope for the Future campaign, all the talk about waiting for marriage, making all the right choices. I'm telling you, she's bringing all that baggage right into the room tonight.

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