B&B Best Lines Monday 11/28/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 11/28/11


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Nick: Well, so did you. It's crisis time. We need to save this company or..

Jackie: Nicky, we're well on our way with the designs that Pam's getting us.

Nick: But we're going to need a lot more, so clearly I have my work cut out.

Jackie: You know, you've been a very good sport about this.

Nick: She's a nice lady-- a little bit quirky, but she hasn't had an easy life. But all she wants is to feel a man's arms around her, a little warmth, a little companionship, some company. It's not that crazy. I know how she feels.

Jackie: You know, what Pam is doing for our company, it's invaluable and I know that she is very fond of you. But, sweetheart, you need a real relationship.

Nick: Mother, are you serious? Let's worry about this company, shall we? And not my love life. Now luckily, Jackie M. is getting what we want, and Pam is what she wants. It's win-win. So, you, don't rock the boat.

Jackie: Nicky. Oh, who would have thought we would be reinventing ourselves as an incarnation of spectra fashions? I guess it's our homage, isn't it, to dear old Sally?

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