B&B Best Lines Wednesday 11/23/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 11/23/11


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Stephanie: Eric and I have, um, a lot to be thankful for today, this Thanksgiving Day. We are gathered here at a table that is just groaning with the fruits of our labors, and we're able to share it with our friends, our children and their better halves, and our grandchildren and their significant others. We're blessed. We have been really blessed this year. Even though we've had some dark and... turbulent and stressful times, we've come through it as a family, because we never lost faith in the unexpected and... the belief that something good and second chances always come with a new day... The belief that hope prevails and love endures. So let us be thankful for everything that we have and for each other.

Hope: Amen.

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