B&B Best Lines Friday 11/18/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 11/18/11


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Pam: You look really sexy in that swimsuit.

Nick: Well, you show me those designs from Forrester, and I'll wear whatever you want. Well, that's the deal, right? You provide something for Jackie M., I provide some fun for you. Okay, Pam. I've done a little modeling for you. I've flexed my muscles. Now it's your turn. Time to show me the designs.

Pam: I've got 'em right here. Um... take a peek.

Nick: Oh, these are outstanding.

Pam: And Eric's got a ton, too. Want me to get 'em all for you? But, well, you're gonna tweak 'em, though, right? I mean, so it's not completely obvious?

Nick: We're in the Spectra building. We know what to do.

Pam: Good. Jackie M. Is worth saving, and I'm really glad I could help.

Nick: I'm just thankful, that's all. Thank you. I still can't wrap my head around why you're actually doing this.

Pam: Because I've had enough. Stephanie wants to thumb her nose at me... disrespect my relationship, make Stephen feel so unwanted and so uncomfortable that he leaves. I finally had a man, somebody who really loved me... only to get dumped.

No, no, no. I'm not crying. I am not. It's just, you know, with the holidays coming up and stuff, I just don't know how I'm gonna get through it without him. We were gonna make little gingerbread houses together, you know? The kind with real frosting. Then Stephanie has to go and drive him away. And then I am just supposed to show up at Forrester Creations every day with this big smile on my face and act like I'm fine, and answer their damn phones? No, no, no! I've had enough of that company, and I've had enough of being a dutiful sister.

Nick: They're gonna catch on. You prepared for that? Because they will find out who's been doing this.

Pam: And they're gonna fire me, right? I know. I know. I want to come back to Jackie M. When that happens, nick. Can I? To a real family? I just... I don't want to be unhappy and alone. Not again.

Nick: Pam, you were always a great assistant. You are welcome back to Jackie M. Anytime.

Pam: As long as I bring you those designs, right?

Nick: You're gettin' something out of this, too, don't forget.

Pam: Hey, just a little bit of affection every now and again for the woman who's gonna save your company.

Nick: I don't want you freakin' out down the road, though. Because I know this anger towards Stephanie can all of a sudden go away, and I know how loyal you are to her.

Pam: Yeah, too loyal. I sacrificed my whole life to her. But that's over. Now my loyalty's gonna be to Jackie M.

Pam: You are welcome. You have anything to drink? I could really use a wine cooler right about now.

Nick: I have scotch.

Pam: Even better. You know, Nick, I know that you're just doin' this for the designs, and that's okay.

Nick: Of course I'm doing it for the designs. Jackie M. Is in bad shape. But in all honesty, Pam, this is... this has been rather nice in an odd sort of way. Cheers.

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