B&B Best Lines Tuesday 11/15/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 11/15/11


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Stephanie: He was no good.

Pam: How can you say that? He meant the world to me. I waited 50 years to find gorgeous, sexy man. Well, I ain't waitin' another 50.

Stephanie: I was never comfortable with you and-- and Stephen as a-- as a couple.

Pam: Oh, really? I get it, Steph. I get it. I know that you couldn't stand him. You're probably anxious to just get up right now and go celebrate.

Stephanie: What are you talking about?

Pam: I know that you could never accept Stephen and me. I'm not blind.

Stephanie: I would have accepted anybody that loved you and made you happy.

Pam: Well, then how come you never once invited us to dinner? And every time I invited you, you always had an excuse. You always had something else you were doing. You never really cared about me or what I really wanted. You are only ever concerned about me when it involves you and your life.

Stephanie: I realize that breaking up is very hard. I know that. And I know it's going to be a huge adjustment getting back to your life the way it was.

Pam: Que sera, sera. Are you kidding me, Stephanie?! I am never going back to that life! No. Whatever will be, will be what I decide it's going to be.

Stephanie: Pammy, Pammy, go ea--please, honey. Go easy on the wine.

Pam: Look, I have had a taste of the good life, too, now, Steph, and I am not gonna sit quietly waiting for it to come around again. In fact, I have already set my sights on another man.

Stephanie: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Pammy, Pam now you calm down. Now I realize you've just broken up with him. And your emotions are raw, but please. Honey, you're very naive when it comes to men. I mean, for goodness sakes, Stephen was the only man you've ever been with.

Pam: Exactly. So better make up for lost time. Look, not that you would care about this, but there happens to be another man who really bakes my muffins, so watch out, 'cause I'm goin' after him. And I’ll show you and Stephen yet. Don't worry, Steph. I'm taking a cab.

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