B&B Best Lines Friday 11/4/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 11/4/11


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Steffy: You know I've always prided myself on my strength. Survival instincts, you know. Bad things happen......your parents split up, your sister dies.....but it's either you reach down deep and find that strength or you can't go on.

Liam: You now you have been through so much, but you always pull through and that's one of the things I admire most about you.

Steffy: But I haven't always been that strong. That's one of the things I hate about myself when I show weakness.

Liam: Well, I haven't seen much of that.

Steffy: That's because I've been very careful not to show you. When we were in Aspen, there was something I did.....out of weakness because I was afraid.

Liam: Of what?

Steffy: Your rejection.

Liam: Steffy, buddy, baby, we got married in Aspen.......you didn't know Hope was in Aspen, at least that is what you said.

Steffy: That wasn't the truth.

Liam: You told me that you had nothing to do with the gondola getting stuck. You promised that you would be loving and loyal, faithful and truthful and at the same time you were lying to me? This is our wedding, Steffy, what is more sacred than that? You were determined to get a ring on my finger before Hope could stop you. You manipulated this whole thing.

Steffy: My mistake was keeping it from you. If you forgive me, I will never, ever keep anything from you ever again.

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