B&B Best Lines Monday 10/31/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 10/31/11


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Ridge: So this is the kind of man you are, huh-- sneaking behind her back kissing Jackie Marone in public? How can you disrespect my mother like that? I'm not gonna stand for it anymore, dad--no more. You're acting like an adolescent here. This is ridiculous.

Eric: Oh, stop. Ridge, just stop it. There's no need for some kind of a lecture. I came here to get some work done, and Jackie was here, and I joined her. There is nothing unscrupulous going on.

Ridge: Really? If that's true, why the hell were you kissin' her? Mother is your life partner. She's not a well woman. You had an affair with Jackie years ago. Spending time with her alone is just not appropriate.

Eric: Jackie's my friend, Ridge.

Ridge: Yeah, she's also newly single, and you're on the prowl, obviously. Oh, for God sakes, dad, are you really that weak?

Eric: Don't. Don't do this. Now I love your mother. I'm committed to her, but she's changed. In many ways, she has withdrawn from our relationship. She's withdrawn, and she's detached.

Ridge: Yeah, she's also busy fightin' for her life. She doesn't have time to baby you. Get over it. Mother's coming home tomorrow from D.C. after speaking to Congress about lung cancer and helping the homeless, and you're out here canoodling with Jackie Marone for God sakes. I'm warning you, dad. Don't you ever, ever cross the line like that again.

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