B&B Best Lines Thursday 10/27/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 10/27/11


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Ridge: Taylor, my little brother's power play only works if you support him.

Thorne: This company needs a change of direction. We both know that.

Ridge: He wants to oust me as C.E.O. That's why he's been cozying up to you, using you to make his great escape from the basement to the executive floor.

Eric: Ridge, there's no need to be condescending here.

Thorne: Why not, dad? That's who my brother is-- conceited.

Ridge: Tell him it won't work, Doc. Tell Thorne your loyalties are with me, your children's father. Let's end this misguided nonsense right now. My, my, my. Can you believe this? Not only is Thorne trying to incite a coup, he's trying to commandeer my ex-wife and family.

Eric: All right, Ridge. That's enough. That's enough. Now just stop it, both of you. I'm not gonna stand here and watch the two of you tear each other's throats out.

Thorne: But you'll let him tear this company apart and this family.

Ridge: The only person tearing this family apart is you with your adolescent tantrums and delusions of grandeur. As for this company, Forrester creations couldn't be in better hands. Just ask anyone.

Thorne: You don't have a clue, do you, Ridge? People around here don't like you. They think you're pompous, full of yourself, and if it were up to them, I'd be running this company, as well I should be, because I'm a Forrester by blood. You're a Marone.

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