B&B Best Lines Wednesday 10/26/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 10/26/11


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Thorne: I warned Ridge that putting too much emphasis on Hope for the Future was a mistake. He could have supported Steffy's line more. He could have rebooted Taboo, but he didn't, so what did he do? Once again, he let his personal feelings state company policy.

Ridge: It isn't personal for you? Come on, little brother. You've been stewing about this for weeks. You think because you and Taylor have been dating that she'll back you for control of the company.

Taylor: Oh, this is not a coup, ridge. This is a discussion that we're having. Thorne has some very valid issues he wants to bring up.

Ridge: Oh, he has issues, all right-- with me. You want to do this? Let's do it, because I don't want to have this conversation again. Go ahead, Thorne. Let's have it out.

Thorne: This isn't about you, Ridge. This s out what's best for this company and this family.

Ridge: You know, the board can make official decisions regarding the company, Thomas.

Thomas: Yes, Rick, with our combined shares, Steffy, mom, and I, we have controlling interest. You know, if my mother believes it's time for a change, there's gonna be a change. Gee, Rick. You know, I wonder where that leaves you.

Eric: Taylor, Thomas and Steffy have both contributed a great deal o the success in this company. We're all aware of that.

Taylor: And as their mother, I want to see that those contributions are rewarded-- fairly.

Ridge: What are you saying, Taylor? You and the kids are gonna vote me out?

Thorne: You laid the groundwork, Ridge, all by yourself. Your kids feel resentment for the way they've been treated at Forrester, and rightfully so.

Ridge: Doc, he thinks you're his ace in the hole.

Eric: Taylor can vote Stephanie's shares, that's true.

Thorne: But with Thomas and Steffy's combined, Taylor and her children control this company. It's her all. But nobody wants it to come to that.

Ridge: It won't, because dad and I run this company. We create the designs. We make the decisions. That's the way Forrester works.

Thorne: That's right, Ridge, and as long as I can remember, you and dad have been sitting here calling the shots. The famous father-and-son team. Only he really isn't your son. I am.

Eric: You're both my sons, Thorne. Ridge has been very loyal to me.

Thorne: No, not always, dad, although he should be. I mean, you have given him everything-- your title, your office.

Eric: Ridge has earned his position here as C.E.O. He's earned it.

Thorne: And he did a good job for a while. But he's taken us down the wrong path. We need a new vision. We need fresh blood. And Thomas and Steffy are ready to step up, and so am I. If you want, we can take this to a vote right now. However, I don't think that will be necessary.

Ridge: Taylor, you're gonna side with him on this? He's been cuddling up to you, whispering in your ear. Now you want him to run the show? You and our kids are gonna follow his lead and kick me out, huh? You're gonna give him my job, make him the C.E.O.? Is that what you want, Taylor? You're gonna trust my little brother to take care of our children's legacy? What the hell are you thinking? I have one question for you-- who are you with? Him... or me?

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