B&B Best Lines Monday 10/24/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 10/24/11


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Liam: Yeah, and that's when you saw me kissing Steffy. I'm sorry.

Hope: You broke my heart.

Liam: Why couldn't you just talk to me?

Hope: I tried, Liam. I tried the next day after I realized that I ad been childish I went to your house to talk to you, and who did I run into? Steffy, and she had my ring on her finger. How could you do that, Liam? How could you put my ring on her finger?

Liam: Because you didn't want it anymore, Hope. You put it on my mantle like it meant nothing to you.

Hope: I was--I was hurt! But I still believed in us.

Hope: I went to your office to find you, and I talked to your dad, and he told me that you ha left town with your new fiancée. He didn't tell me where.

Hope: But, you know, it--it didn't matter, because I tracked you down myself I flew to Aspen for you, and on my way up the mountain in that gondola, I was filled with so much anticipation. And then when I saw you standing there, I was ecstatic, because you were there. You came, and then I was almost to the top, and the gondola stopped. And then... there was Steffy, and she was walking up to you, and she was wearing the white dress, and then a minister showed up. And I yelled for you, Liam. I screamed your name at the top of my lungs, and I pounded on the windows.

Liam: I didn't hear you.

Hope: I wanted to jump out and--and--and beg you not to do it and tell you that you were making a huge mistake, but I couldn't. I was trapped. There was nothing I could do while Steffy married the man I love.

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