B&B Best Lines Monday 10/3/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 10/3/11


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Hope: You think standards are ridiculous, don't you, Steffy? You think nothing is more foolish than acting out of a sense of what's right and wrong.

Steffy: Wait, are you talking about your big virginity campaign? That's not what you were doing. What you were saying was, "hey, I'm a virgin. I have this hot boyfriend, and I have my own clothing line." No, meanwhile, it completely escaped your notice that your fiancé-- he was miserable. He wasn't sleeping. He wasn't working. He was just sitting at home waiting for a woman who wasn't gonna show up.

Hope: Maybe I deserve that, Steffy, and maybe I already knew that, and that's why I'm here. Where is Liam now, Steffy? Just tell me. Is he at the office? Where is he?

Steffy: Okay, you know how you said respect your engagement I'd like you to do the same.

Hope: Oh, my God. Are you serious right now? Do you really feel like you've respected my engagement to Liam?

Steffy: Until you stopped respecting Liam. No, you-- you figured you'd tagged him, so you could ignore him and focus on your other vanity projects. You told me before that you wanted to be friends. So why don't we start now? Why don't we put everything behind us? And we could we just have fun, and we could hang, and we could just be happy.

Hope: That sounds great, Steffy. Yeah, why don't we just sit around and braid each other's hair? I could respect your engagement to Liam if I knew that it wasn't a mistake. But that's what this is. And I'll admit it, yeah, it's partly my fault. And I'll have to see if Liam can ever truly forgive me, but I am not just going to hand him over to you.

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