B&B Best Lines Thursday 9/22/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 9/22/11


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Liam: I, uh... do you know I-I-I-- I left my phone in the freezer this morning? I've gotten maybe two hours, maybe, of sleep every night this week. I, uh, the other day, I wore mismatched socks out of the house. I-I started yelling at a guy at a traffic light for blaring his music too loud just because I didn't like the song. I'm messing up at work. I can't focus. I'm not, um... I'm not doing very well.

Hope: What are you saying? What can I do?

Liam: I love you, you know? A-and this--this... waiting is... it's, uh, I-it feels unnatural, all this waiting, and...

Hope: I don't want to wait, either.

Liam: And I know this isn't-- this is not your fault, but I kind of... I'm kind of feeling like a chess pawn in the whole Hope for the Future campaign thing. I mean, it's--it's like it's... taking over our entire relationship, and--

Hope: Honestly, Liam, I'm feeling the exact same way.

Liam: Why don't we just get married? Can we do that? I mean, why-- why--why--why are we waiting so long? I mean, we love each other. We want to be with each other. I-I can't--I can't-- I can't do this. I can't wait months and months. Can we... would you move up the wedding date for me? Would you do that? I-I know it's asking a lot, and your mom is--is doing all these--these--these plans, and it's supposed to be, like, the wedding of the century, uh, and I real--I do. I really want it to be, like, a special, special day for you, but I... I just-- I want to get married, Hope. I really--I don't care what kind of flowers we're using, or who's on the guest list. I just--I-I-I need to be, like, your husband, like, stat. I--and I'm -- it's not necessarily fair for me to ask this of you, but I'm kind-- I'm kind of at the end of my rope here. I mean, I really am. I don't know. I'm--

Hope: I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll move--I'll move up the date of the wedding.

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