B&B Best Lines Wednesday 9/7/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 9/7/11


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Amber: Look, I don't-- I don't know what to say to you guys to make you understand any easier, okay? I guess--I guess I just must've been crazy. I mean, have you ever been so desperate that you don' even recognize yourself? And for what, huh? Living some not-so-happily-ever-after life with somebody who doesn't even like me? I know everybody thinks that I'm at home, and I'm--I'm crying these bitter tears because things didn't work out, but the truth is, that little girl there-- she is my salvation. Just by her existing and being who she is, she has untold all of my lies. And I had--I had this trap that I had built around myself, and that little baby, she set me free.

Donna: That's exactly the way I-I felt the day that Marcus found me. Justin never knew that I was pregnant. I gave up our son for adoption, and you never knew. I mean, he's forgiven me, of course, but it is-- it's hard sometimes, Amber. And that's why he's-- he gets so mad at you when you lie to Marcus like that. Look, I-I'm no one to throw the first stone. And if--if Justin can forgive me, well, then I'll forgive you. And if Marcus thinks that you make him happy, well, who am to stand in the way?

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