B&B Best Lines Thursday 9/1/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 9/1/11


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Taylor: Well, I have heard Hope's speeches on morality. And I know she wants to wait, and I think that that's a very remarkable trait, if that's what she's really doing, if it's coming from healthy place. But I do know that Liam doesn't exactly feel the same way.

Brooke: You need to respect their engagement and respect my daughter. She's a lovely young woman who is making her own decisions with Liam, and you can't condemn that.

Taylor: Well, I've gotta say, I-I think that maybe there are some issues going on with Hope that maybe she's not even admitting to or realizes they are there.

Steffy: Look, Brooke, Hope has this amazing guy who just wants her so bad, but she keeps messing with his head. You know, she's making him feel guilty about something that is completely natural. It's wrong.

Brooke: Don't try to rationalize this, Steffy.

Taylor: I have to agree. What I--what I think Steffy's trying to say is that there's something else going on with Hope. It seems like she's maybe reacting to something and maybe she wants to wait out of something based on fear, and I-I really can't say that I blame her after everything that she's gone through growing up, watching her mother go through the laundry list of men-- I-I have to say that maybe she's afraid of physical intimacy.

Brooke: Oh, my God. Just stay out of t, Taylor. You, too, Steffy. Liam and Hope will work out their relationship.

Steffy: Maybe. Maybe not.

Brooke: I'll be watching you. So will my sisters. Don't mess with Liam It would be the biggest mistake you could make.

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