B&B Best Lines Wednesday 8/10/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 8/10/11


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Jackie: Could go and pay Steffy a visit, pretend that I left something there.

Nick: Like one of your many romance novels?

Jackie: Aren't you even the slightest bit interested in why she bought our place, and so surreptitiously?

Nick: No, mother, I'm not... Because I have a business to run. Remember all the talk of reviving Jackie M.'s internship program?

Owen: Mm, nobody's forgotten about that. I've already contacted a number of fashion schools in the area.

Nick: Very good, young man. Stay on it.

Jackie: Nicky, loosen up. Life isn't all about business, you know? God, even Bill Spencer knows that now. Have you heard anything more about Katie?

Nick: I got a call. She's home from the hospital.

Owen: I mean, so soon after a heart attack?

Nick: I guess she got lucky this time.

Jackie: It makes you wonder, doesn't it, what could have caused it?

Nick: She's living with Spencer. That could cause anyone a heart attack.

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