B&B Best Lines Monday 8/8/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 8/8/11


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Katie: Steffy says you're planning a life together. Is that true? I want you to stop lying to me or stop lying to Steffy, whoever it is you're stringing along. Are you walking out on me? And don't you dare say that that's something I would do, because you've obviously walked out on me time and time again-- every time you touched her, every time you kissed her. Why did you marry me, Bill?

Bill: There were a million reasons.

Katie: Give me one. The lifelong bachelor, all of those years perfectly content to have another nameless bimbo on your arm every night. You suddenly want to settle down with me. Why?

Bill: Because of this right here.

Katie: Because I challenge you.

Bill: Like no one else dares. You push me every day to be more than I ever thought I could be.

Katie: Good because that's what you do for me. That's what I thought we'd be doing for each other year after year for the rest of our lives-- pushing and challenging and thriving and loving. Is it all in the past?

Bill: I'm not leading anybody on. I'm trying to be honest with both of you.

Katie: But this isn't an open marriage, Bill.

Bill: I know. And looking at you right now, it's obvious where I need to be.

Katie: How are you looking at me? As a hospital patient? Someone to pity until her heart gives out?

Bill: I'm looking at the woman I married. I see you as I did that day-- beautiful. I see you as the woman I committed my life to. I didn't write any vows, if you remember. I just spoke from the heart-- me, Dollar Bill Spencer, maybe for the first time in my life.

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