B&B Best Lines Wednesday 7/13/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 7/13/11


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Stephanie: Old habits, I guess. I don't know how else to say it. I mean, I--you know, habits, they're so hard to die. I don't--I guess that's why I came after you. I don't--I don't know. You surprised me, though. I did--I didn't expect you to react the way you reacted. You did it with such dignity and class. Really, I... you didn't beg Ridge to forgive you. You just accepted it. You walked away from the marriage, from the company. And then you... created that foundation to help people. I... you didn't crumble. You held your head up high, and I never thought you had that in you. Or maybe I... never wanted to see that you had that in you. Yeah. I was wrong. I was really wrong about that....... It took real strength of character to make the changes that you did in your life w-when all of this came down, and naturally, that only made me feel guiltier, because everything that I was accusing you of was everything that I was doing. Look, I want to make this right. I know I can't fix it in just one day, but I'm not gonna go to my grave without trying. Brooke, there has to be something, something that I can do or say or... you--you don't have any-- oh, I see. Okay. All right. Okay. You don't talk to me. That's gonna be my punishment, right? Oh, Brooke. Please! Come on. I don't care if you yell and rant and rave and scream and run around and jump up and down and hit me--no, don't hit me. Okay. Um... I know that you're committed to my son. I know you love him. And I know you love Tom in your own way, and he's a wonderful, young, honest, good kid, and what I did was terrible. I turned all of that around. It was wrong. I'm sorry. Is that what you want? Is--is that what you want, for me to admit that? Because I admit it. Isn't there anything I can say or do that can make this right? I mean, I'll do anything.

Brooke: Anything, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Yeah, anything.

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