B&B Best Lines Tuesday 7/12/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 7/12/11


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Eric: Do you hear yourself? Do you know how this all sounds? You bribe your grandson to say that he slept with his father's wife. And then--and then you--you--you rail against that as if it were a perversion and--and--and you-- you hold Brooke up as some kind of a sexual degenerate. And then you--you-- you try to take your son and get him married to the woman you chose for him decades ago because it makes you feel healthy and alive? Your original bucket list. And all this to return us to the golden age when our family all lived under one roof and your word was still law. I thought you had changed.

Stephanie: Well, you're the second person that told me today, and I'll tell you, it cuts to the quick.

Eric: Well, I thought you had changed, but apparently, all the rest of us have, and we're waiting for you to catch up.

Stephanie: Well, I tried.

Eric: It doesn't seem like you're going to.

Stephanie: I tried. I-I didn't go through with it.

Eric: Oh, you give yourself credit for that? The only thing that accomplished was taking Taylor down with everybody else. And what good did your last-minute scruples do Thomas anyway? You made him a deal that he was too hungry to refuse, and you knew that. So that now anything he accomplishes at Forrester in the future, no matter how dazzling, will be tainted by the idea that when he was tempted, he was weak. You sold him out. You set him up, Stephanie. And anything he gets now in the future from Forrester will be blood money.

Stephanie: I know. I know. I... You think... you think it's possible to... to kind of bring this on yourself, you know, this cancer? I-I mean... I... I don't know what’s going on I don't know. Is at I'm so filled with anger and--and--and envy, and--and I need to be in control, and... and this is, you know, God's way of telling you you're not in control? Cancer cells, you know, they resist all boundaries, and they're showing you and telling you that they’re in charge and you're not? Is that what it's all about?

Eric: You haven't died. You wanted to. You wanted to curl up in a ball and just let it take you, but you haven't died, Stephanie. And just who do you have to thank for that?

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