B&B Best Lines Monday 7/11/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 7/11/11


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Thomas: My grandma had no right to do that. I-I wanted to tell my-- my mom myself. I--

Dayzee: But you didn't? Thomas, you weren't gonna say anything. You were gonna let your mom get married. After everything that we talked about, you tell me that the truth had to come out, and then you refuse to say on single word to anybody else.

Thomas: I know I messed up. And.. it's stupid. You know, I'm a-- I'm a grown man. I just wanted to see my parents back together. I know how much my mom still loves my dad. I thought you weren't gonna judge me.

Dayzee: Thomas, I give people the benefit of the doubt, okay? I give them a chance to make up for their mistakes. You had your chance. You let your mom walk down that aisle. You were with her before the ceremony. You could have said something then. You let... you made your choice, Thomas, the wrong one. I fell for you. I thought you were better than that. Were you just gonna let them get married?

Thomas: I will, okay? I will explain everything, just not here, okay? Let's just-- let's take a few days and get away and just--

Dayzee: What? Go on your jet and just open bottles of champagne and just leave the real world behind? No, thank you. You know, I know that telling the truth would have been hard. The right decisions almost always are. You say you're a stand-up guy, but... you didn't stand up, you caved. And I have to wonder, what kind of a man sells out his own mother?

Thomas: Dayzee, I need--I need you. Please, I need you in my life. I need your--your strength, your--your goodness, okay? You know my family. They're like quicksand. If I struggle, I sink deeper. I need somebody to pull me out of that.

Dayzee: Not me. You have to get yourself out of this one, Thomas.

Thomas: You did. You got through to my grandmother. That's the reason she confessed. No one is deceiving anyone anymore. It's over, okay? It's done.

Dayzee: Yeah, it is.

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