B&B Best Lines Wednesday 7/6/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 7/6/11


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Ridge: Steffy, Thomas, I know how special today is for both of you. Your love, your support, everything you've done is very instrumental in what we're doing here. And you, Doc, steady and strong, always there for the three of us-- you're a haven of safety and love I've so often needed. Steffy, you stood by your mother and me through tragedy, through moments of triumph. I can only imagine what this day must mean to you...... And, Thomas, my son, I want this to be a new beginning for us, a life based on trust, honesty, and respect, and the love that we've both shared. Yes, we've been through troubled times, but never once have we purposely hurt each other, nor would we ever. Please accept my forgiveness today, as I accept yours. I must ask your forgiveness, too, Taylor. You've been my guardian angel, my conscience... My constant... supporter. I misplaced my trust. I was betrayed by dreams that obviously weren't real. But today, that's all behind us. We start anew. Deception will never cross our door. Love and security... is what I cherish most, and you have given me that, and for that, I thank you, and I pledge to you my life.

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