B&B Best Lines Thursday 6/9/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 6/9/11


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Stephanie: Let's say that Ridge has finally lost the blinders that he has where Brooke is concerned. You, on the other hand, should keep them on.

Nick: I don't have a binder on.

Stephanie: Oh, yes, you do. That's why you've carried the torch for her all these years. I know you still love her.

Nick: Stephanie, what happened?!

Stephanie: That's not important-- what happened. The important thing is the opportunity is here. If you don't grab it, she'll end up with someone else, and it isn't gonna be my son.

Nick: See, I don't understand. I thought that you and Brooke had made up, and you're friends and all chummy now.

Stephanie: I don't want to see her damaged by this permanently, okay? Tat's why I came to see you.

Nick: And now I'm smelling a rat her, because if you really cared about Brooke, you'd be talking to Ridge about this, asking him to patch all this up himself.

Stephanie: That's not gonna happen after what-- Look, it's not important. The point is she's available. This was coming for a long time anyway. Look, I-I've gotta get back to the office, okay? She's got a...meeting scheduled. What's important is your opportunity is here and now. Don't blow it.

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