B&B Best Lines Tuesday 6/7/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 6/7/11


Provided By Wanda

Whip: I've come up with some ideas.

Jackie: Hopefully how to woo Bill Spenser and his considerable influence on the fashion world over to Team Jackie M.

Whip: Yes, but unfortunately there is one little person in our merry little band that Billy Boy is not too keen on.

Owen: Which could work against us unless that certain someone is willing to play nice.

Nick: The man came onto my boat and punched me in the mouth. If his wife wasn't there, I would have drowned him.

Jackie: Well I am sure that being a bigger man, you won't mind turning the other cheek....and you did work together to find Brooke and Thomas.

Nick: A crisis situation that is now behind us. Now we move back to sheer hatred.

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