B&B Best Lines Friday 5/27/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 5/27/11


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Stephanie: Yes, so I guess the point is you require patience in this situation. You get my shares when I die. I have given you my word.

Thomas: I want more than your word.

Stephanie: Well, I'm gonna have my will redone.

Thomas: No, no. We have to be careful-- make sure it can't be contested. I want your lawyers to draw up a irrevocable trust as soon as possible, and I want to see all the paperwork.

Stephanie: That's my boy. You keep your end of the bargain. I'll keep mine. You'll get my shares. Your parents will get back together, and you just remember what happened on the island.

Thomas: Even though it's not true.

Stephanie: You say something often enough, it becomes the truth. You and Brooke had sex. Three generations-- absolutely amazing.

Thomas: You say that like it's real.

Stephanie: Well, how do you know it isn't? Something happened out there. That's not a lie.

Thomas: Grandma, I told you nothing happened.

Stephanie: Please listen to me. Something would have happened inevitably. Come on. The two of you have a lot of chemistry. That was very obvious to everyone. You have real feelings for one another. Maybe they were innocent. Maybe they might have turned into something. But it's very believable that the two of you were out on that island both of you thinking that you were going to die. You had taken some form of hallucinogenic berry. People will believe that you and she had sex. You just have to keep saying it to yourself over and over again. Lock it into your brain. You and Brooke had sex. Everybody in the family gains by this. You gain. All you have to do is keep the secret.

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