B&B Best Lines Thursday 4/21/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 4/21/11


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Bill: All right, let's not go there, Katie.

Taylor: Let her talk.

Katie: You don't want to apologize for who you are. Well, I'm not asking you to, Bill. I've never asked that of you. I never would. And, yes, I knew when I married you that I was not marrying some shrinking violet, thank God. But you know me, and when I see a problem, in our relationship, in anything, I am not one to just shut my mouth and go shopping. That's not who I am. I cannot live with rage and violence in my life. I have no room for it, and when I see these unresolved feelings in you, and when I see what they have driven you to do, it scares me. It scares me for you. It scares me for us. And, yes. Yes, maybe this is some kind of trigger because of my brother. Fine. Violence and rage killed him. It almost killed me, too.

Taylor: Katie, I-I know that had to be a very shattering experience for you. And losing your brother, I--

Katie: I still feel so guilty about it, because I feel responsible for his death, and I think that the only way that I can try to rectify some of these feelings is-- is by not repeating the same mistakes. And that is why I cannot, I will not condone or enable violent behavior. I won't do it.

Taylor: And somehow Bill has done something that's triggered this-- this fear that you have of violence coming into your life again, something that you cannot tolerate.

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