B&B Best Lines Tuesday 4/19/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 4/19/11


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Ridge: I think everybody knows why we're gathered here. My son has proven himself these past months to be a valuable asset to our company. I think it's high time that I acknowledge the man that will keep Forrester Creations moving in this positive direction long after I'm gone. I know it was difficult for you to see your sister get 25%. And even though I'm giving you 5% for now, I'm hoping you'll understand the significance, because, my son, you are no longer an employee, you're an owner!

Thomas: Thank you, Dad, really I mean, not just for the shares, but designing, selling clothes, finding success-- it doesn't matter unless my dad's proud of me, and I know today that, without a doubt, you are.

Ridge: You're damn right I am. Because of you -- giving you this percentage of the company, remembering you're as devoted to the success of this company as I am. Your grandfather was right. I've been stifling you, and that's not something I want to do. I believe in you, Thomas. I believe in your commitment to our family and this company. And I believe that you will make me proud.

Thomas: Thank you for the acknowledgement, Dad, and just this incredible opportunity. I'm really excited to keep moving forward with Taboo, and to be doing it as an owner, no less. I-it makes it all that much more important to me. I will be taking my responsibilities very seriously. Dad, I know why Forrester Creations has been such a success over the years. And what you said to me in the meeting, it wasn't lost on me. It's style, elegance, class. These are all great traditions of Forrester designs that I will not be departing from. And I promise I will carry on the legacy that you and granddad have established. I'll need Brooke's help, of course.

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