B&B Best Lines Thursday 3/31/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 3/31/11


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Thomas: All right, let's jut cut to it. You're making changes to Taboo how?

Ridge: First, I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you'll never countermand an order that comes out of this office ever again.

Thomas: I hear you, Dad.

Ridge: Thomas, I respect and admire what you've done with the line. Your designs are solid. Your work is good. But don't ever think that Taboo is the reason we're on the map.

Thomas: I never said that.

Ridge: Maybe not, but the way you've been acting leads me to believe that you might think that, and if you do, you're wrong. Forrester Creations is not known for its men's line. We're a couture design house that caters to women. Taboo, Hope for the future, our cruise line, they're all minor divisions that support our major couture collection.

Thomas: All right, I see. It's minor.

Brooke: Thomas, it doesn't mean that your line isn't important.

Thomas: Yeah, just not very important.

Ridge: Can the attitude, my son. It's not gonna fly in this building anymore.

Thomas: All right, tell me about these changes.

Ridge: We've already spent too much money on the line. I'm cutting the budget.

Look, Taboo lit a fire. No doubt about that. In my opinion, it just won't last.

Thomas: So what are you saying? It's a fad?

Ridge: It's a trend. Fashion is all about trends. You and Brooke created one, yes, and we profited handsomely. But now it's time to create the next big trend. That's what we do better than anyone else.

Thomas: So you are killing Taboo.

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