B&B Best Lines Tuesday 3/8/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 3/8/11


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Steffy: Talk to me, Bill. You've been thinkin' about this for a long time. And I know it's eating you up. You have to get it out.

Bill: Amber's fine. She wasn't hurt.

Steffy: You thought she was dead. You saw her go over the cliff, and you took off.

Bill: Problem solved, until I saw you.

Steffy: Bill, if I hadn't been there to pull Amber up, she would have died.

Bill: I don't want to talk about this anymore. It's pointless.

Steffy: Wow, you lost control. You put everything you care about in jeopardy-- your business, your reputation, your family.

Bill: I was protecting my family. My son almost died because of that bitch.

Steffy: Oh, okay. So he'd be better off the son of a murderer. Oh, I bet you weren't thinkin' about that, huh, the ramifications? You just wanted Amber gone for good. You couldn't talk to Katie. She'd think you're a monster. So you just kept it to yourself until you couldn't take it any longer. You had nó one to go to, no one to give you perspective, no one to share your pain or frustrations. Bill, I will listen to you, and I won't judge you. If you ever feel like you're about to lose it, talk to me. I'm here for you. You can trust me.

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