B&B Best Lines Tuesday 3/1/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 3/1/11


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Ridge: We're all finished. I expect Thomas is on his way to the airport now with the gowns.

Steffy: Oh, that's great. He decided to go?

Ridge: And he might not be alone.

Taylor: He took a date?

Steffy: That is great. You know, Summer's already been fitted in our last three designs. This is perfect.

Ridge: Well, it's not Summer. It's Dayzee.

Steffy: Wait. You're--you're joking, right?

Ridge: No, sweetheart, I'm not.

Steffy: No, no, no. I have spent days hyping this event, priming the press. And now Thomas is taking Dayzee as his date? She's gonna be on our jet? You're kidding me right?

We don't know anything about her. Now she's going on her jet? Oh, no. I gotta stop this.

Ridge: Oh, Steffy, come on.

Steffy: What--what the hell was Thomas thinking? Dayzee?

Taylor: I don't see what the problem is.

Steffy: Look, we know absolutely nothing about this girl. And now she's gonna be in one of our gowns?

Taylor: Dayzee's a lovely young woman.

Ridge: Look, she's a woman of real substance. That's why your brother's attracted to her.

Steffy: God, I thought it was just grandma, but she's gotten to al you.

Ridge: Look, Dayzee has lived a tough life, but I think if you heard her story...

Steffy: I'd feel... sorry for her?

Taylor: You might be inspired.

Steffy: Inspire do what, buy her another coffee shop? What are you guys smoking? Being homeless isn't inspirational, all right? Look, this isn't the image that we want to present. I understand it's a charity event, but it doesn't mean Thomas should bring his own charity case.

Taylor: There is no reason Thomas should be ashamed to be walking down the red carpet with Dayzee.

Steffy: Well, uh, he should be with some like--like Madison or Summer. Those girls are beautiful, educated girls with careers. Yeah, no, Summer is crazy about him.

Ridge: Thomas likes Dayzee.

Taylor: We--we all do.

Steffy: So write a check to the mission, or why don't you donate some food to her soup kitchen? Don't send her off in the wild blue yonder with your son.

Taylor: I cannot believe you're even talking like this, Steffy

Steffy: Well, I tell it like it is. At least somebody in this family hasn't fallen under her spell.

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