B&B Best Lines Monday 2/7/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 2/7/11


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Jakcie: How come she can make him listen and I can't?

Owen: Because he doesn't hear you when you talk about important things. I mean fashion maybe, but after that, life and death, no way.

Jackie: That's not true, is it?

Owen: You two have an inverted child-parent relationship. You haven't noticed? Why, he's dad and you're just the rebellious teen-age girl.

Jackie: I'm just rebelling against him getting cancer.

Owen: Come on, with Stephanie, they are two of a kind. She's gonna use strong arm tactics that you never would.

Jackie: I don't want to strong arm him. I don't want to nag him. I just want to support him.

Owen: If I were Nick and in his shoes, I'd probably be defensive as well. Because when somebody talks to another person, regardless of how their intentions may be, what they are really saying is "you're bad. You're bad and what you are doing is bad and it's gonna give you cancer and you deserve it because you are bad".

Jackie: Nick's not bad. It's the addictive nitotene that is bad. Help me get through to him.

Owen: You know I just realized what is missing in the conversations with Nick. It's not facts. He's been given enough facts to choke on. It's this....it's love. Now when you talk to Nick about his increasd risk of cancer, you gotta talk to him the same way you did to Stephanie when you found out she was sick. I mean when someone is dealing with their own mortality, the last thing they want to hear is everything you think they have done wrong in their lives. They need to hear .....they need to hear about love, loss, fear and hope....especially hope.

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