B&B Best Lines Monday 1/31/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 1/31/11


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Liam: But, uh, to say that it's mine... I mean, really? 'Cause the more that I think about it, I don't even think we had sex that night.

Amber: I'm sorry you don't remember, but--

Liam: Well, really, how-- I mean, how would we have? Because I was passed out the entire time.

Hope: Uh, yeah, he hit his head. You know, most people would call 9-1-1 in that situation instead of flopping down next to him.

Amber: I didn't know he was hurt. I thought maybe he had a little much to drink.

Liam: I had hardly anything to drink that night. It wasn't liquor, Amber. It was a head injury. Now no more games. Tell me what happened that night right now.

Amber: Yes. I am pregnant. You have something to say, Hope, huh?

Hope: How can you say this with a straight face, Amber, to me of all people? You pulled the exact same thing withRrick. You were pregnant. You didn't know who the father was.

Amber: No, it was Rick's baby, and it was stillborn.

Hope: And then you brought your cousin's baby back and passed it off as Rick's just so you could keep your hooks into him. Rick raised that baby for almost a year thinking it was his, and I'm not gonna let you con Liam the exact same way.

Amber: No, this is not the same at all.

Hope: All right, maybe you are pregnant, but Liam is not the father. He was unconscious. I don't buy it. Look me in the eye right now, and tell me there aren't any other guys that you've been with recently-- men who were actually awake at the time.

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