B&B Best Lines Monday 1/24/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 1/24/11


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Nick: I've tried to quit more than once. It's just-- it's just too damn hard.

Stephanie: Oh, you talk as though you're the only person in the world addicted to nicotine. Of course it's hard. But people do it. Some people even do it cold turkey.

Nick: No more cold turkey. I tried that. I'd rather walk the plank.

Stephanie: Well, isn't that exactly what you're doing if you continue smoking-- walking the plank?

Nick: Okay, Stephanie, I-I think I need to take a break from this. I understand that this is something that's very near and dear to you because of what you've recently been going through--

Stephanie: This has nothing to do with me and what I have been through. This is all about you and all about that little boy. That little boy is down there waiting very patiently to go sailing with his daddy. I know that. Do you realize how selfish you're being about this? Do you want him to grow up without a father? Do you want to end up just another one of those statistics that you hate hearing about?

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