B&B Best Lines Friday 1/21/11

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 1/21/11


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Stephanie: You've got to quit smoking.

Nick: Stephanie, try not to take this the wrong way. I have enormous respect for what you've been through, but really, keep it to yourself. Try not to preach to the world.

Stephanie: Please don't be stupid about this.

Nick: I'm not even a smoker. I have a cigar now and then.

Stephanie: You were smoking when I walked in here earlier, and you're standing there dying to light up.

Nick: You're right. I am dying to, and I'm going to, so you may want to scurry on out of here. I appreciate your concern. Thank you for having me call the doctor, but actually, tonight, I'm gonna work on father/son activities, things for Jack and me to do together, and one of those does not require us worrying about cancer, okay? Iron lungs, baby.

Stephanie: Iron lungs with a spot on 'em, baby.

Nick: I mean, come on. Addicted to cigars. Oh, no.

Stephanie: Wait a minute here. You just pretend to be one of those occasional cigar smokers, but you're not. You smoke here. You smoke in your car. And when I was with you all at Jackie M.'s, you smoked all over the office. That little boy is affected by that. Look, honey, I know you're a great father. That's not what this is about. You just have to stop exposing him to secondhand smoke like this.

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